India is one of the largest markets for gold, and growing affluence is driving growth in demand. Gold plays a central role in the country’s culture, considered as an investment, a symbol of wealth and status and a fundamental part of many rituals. It comes as no surprise that India is the largest consumer of gold worldwide. The Jewellery industry is a business with 80% unorganized sector and the rest of them in the organized sector. This is a sector where 100% transparency should be the norm. But unfortunately, it is not the case in the unorganized sector. The malpractices have faded the sheen of the industry a little bit.

We, at the organized sector of the business are trying out everything possible to bring transparency to the business. So that our customers get the best value for their money. And it shows in the loyalty of our customers. S.Kumar brand started out in the 1980s as a textile showroom in Mulund, Mumbai. With integrity, hard work and transparency we became the preferred brand in Mumbai. From there, as a natural extension, S Kumar diversified into jewellery as well. Today we have come a long way with diversified business in transport, silks and the largest of them all, jewellery. So that we cater to the people in more than one way.

In all our businesses we have strived to become most transparent in all transactions. Especially in the jewellery sector where all the transactions are based on hidden costs,all our showrooms have displayed utmost integrity in serving our customers with transparency. At S.Kumar we showcase only BIS Hallmarked 916 gold jewellery and diamond jewellery certified by the leading laboratories of India. 90% of our business is retail sales and 10% is manufacturing. Our gold manufacturing facility located at our headquarters in Mulund, Mumbai has skilled craftsmen churning out exquisite rings, earrings, chains, etc.

Today we are spread across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Kerala with more than 250 employees.


To provide trust and stability in this luxury trade to reach the common man.


Inspire the loyalty of S.Kumar’s clients by being the most trusted jeweler in our markets; be an authority in each area of our business; act responsibly and ethically. we realize that repeat business from our valued customers and their positive referrals to others is the lifeblood of our business. Therefore, we pledge to always ensure that the quality of our jewelry, the absolute accuracy as to how it is represented to customers, and our extremely attractive pricing.